Case Studies

These are just a couple of projects which 17D has been involved in in recent months:

CNC Machined Car Suspension Mounts:

The customer (a well known prestige car manufacturer) required a small batch of front suspension mounts, for a new build / replica20210906 173635 700px project. The original parts were forgings but tight delivery schedules didn't allow for this. The use of steel castings was explored but, again, time scales with the necessary grades of steel proved unachievable.

Billet machined parts generally provide increased strength over a casting and, although not quite the same yield strength as a forging, some small design changes can provide the necessary outcome.

In this case, a small number of prototype parts were produced by us for customer approval, in under two weeks, in a suitable grade of steel. Once the customer completed the required trials, the full batch was produced on one of our cnc machining centers and after deburring and final inspection, delivered ready for installation into the car chassis.

Project costs: once the cost of tools required for the forging process and the final machining of the rough forged components are taken into account, the process of machining from solid actually works out less expensive on small batch items. The same applies when compared to casting, once pattern costs are calculated.


Terrier Locomotive Fire Hole Ring
Firehole ringInitially the client explored having the fire hole ring water jet cut straight to finished size minus the rivet holes.
With the high cost of water jet cutting and the need for a considerable quantity of holes to be marked out and drilled manually, the client contacted us to see if CNC machining would be a cost effective solution.
A flame cut blank at 85mm thick from the relevant certified plate, with a suitable machining allowance, provides the starting point. Using high speed machining techniques, the flame cut blank quickly becomes the required finished size, with all the holes accurately positioned, all at a comparable cost of the water jet part alone.


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